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About us

We love to create meaningful connections between people with our software, like our social intranet solution.

Here you can share and work on ideas with your colleagues, read up on the latest company news, and access the combined knowledge and expertise that’s present within your organisation, whether you’re on the road or working from home or the office.

Depending on your needs, you can even transcend the social intranet by transforming it into a digital workplace. A solid starting point for your work day and a place where you can stay in touch and work together well is within arm’s reach.

We are Embrace – The Human Cloud

We offer solutions for a variety of industries, such as health care, government, housing, education and business:

  • Embrace Social
    Embrace Social makes it easy for employees to ask questions, exchange ideas and collaborate. Our social intranet is based on the digital workspace of tomorrow. Collect ideas and perspectives from the experts and create your own knowledge base.
  • Embrace Customers
    Embrace Customers helps you provide your clients the best possible service. Dialogues across different channels all come together in one convenient place, so you can offer personal support in an efficient and easy way.
  • Embrace Housing
    Embrace Housing gives you the tools you need to speed up the rental process of homes, short-stay rentals and student accommodation. Simply indicate what the rent must be and the rest is arranged automatically.
  • Embrace Portals
    Embrace Portals allows tenants to arrange their own affairs via a well-organised online portal. Relevant information, conversational AI and track-and-trace ensure that your tenants require less of your time, so you can dedicate more of it to the tenants who need it most.

Curious about what we can do for you? Feel free to get in touch and send us a message or request a demonstration.

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