About us

Supporting today’s Hybrid Worker

Today’s digital workplace spans buildings, cultures, demographics, and employees’ homes! Attitudes and appetites for IT self-help and self-service vary greatly, meaning no single tactic is guaranteed to succeed. Enterprise IT must provide a ‘pick and mix’ approach for employees to access business information and services, letting them choose what works for them.

Self-help and service portals have been the staple of IT end-user for decades, but as chat has become the default method to communicate with each other, the same applies to how to seek support when things go wrong. We have all used chatbots in our personal lives, and Tenjin brings the same usability to your TOPdesk implementation.

What is Tenjin?

Biomni helps improve the flow of information within the business, making employees more productive and empowered. Our no-code self-help platform enables you to rapidly deploy Digital Assistants, or chatbots if you prefer, that can easily integrate with your systems to leverage your existing investments and address the bottlenecks within your business. Our Conversational AI solution, Tenjin, links users with knowledge, services and automation to dramatically increase customer and employee experience. Your customers or end-users will love the ease of getting rapid support for the inevitable IT issues they will face. Ask your question, and the intelligent digital assistance and find a resolution or connect you to a live agent immediately. No ticket, no wanting for support and no productivity downtime.

Tenjin and TOPdesk

Tenjin has a library of connectors to many Enterprise platforms and systems, including TOPdesk. Our TOPdesk integration enables your end-users to raise a new ticket and view or add comments to existing tickets. You can also federate multiple Knowledge sources within Tenjin and encourage self-help via our Tenjin Digital Assistant.

Leverage Tenjin’s Natural Language Understanding and Conversational Flow builder to create and manage your tailored Digital Assistant’s needs, all without developer resources.

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