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About us

AMTI Consult is a well-established company in the technology market, with a solid 16-year experience. Our services cover a wide range of solutions, including Service Desk, Field Services, Business Intelligence, Communication, and Intelligence.

As one of the key strategic partners of TOPdesk in Brazil, AMTI has specialized expertise in this platform and provides integration, development, and administration services for the TOPdesk environment, ensuring that our clients achieve higher performance, reach, and obtain the best results.

Furthermore, we are constantly pursuing innovation and improvement. In 2018, we expanded our solutions to include omnichannel capabilities, establishing important partnerships that allow us to offer our clients a comprehensive communication experience using leading market tools such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, VOIP, and more. With the addition of chatbots and intelligence, we simplify and expedite companies’ customer service, delivering an exceptional experience.

At AMTI Consult, we are committed to providing advanced technological solutions aimed at our clients’ satisfaction and helping them drive the success of their businesses. Join us and discover how we can transform your company through technology.


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