OutSmart (Connected Field Service Apps)

Solution created by OutSmart

Register used materials and worked hours immediately in TOPdesk.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Not required
Additional requirements Subscription Outsmart


Register used materials and worked hours immediately in TOPdesk. With the digital work order app from OutSmart, manual actions are often no longer necessary. The field service employee on location fills in the digital work order on his mobile device (telephone or tablet). A few seconds later, the employee at the office receives the work order. After signing and completing the work order, the work order is sent to the customer by e-mail in a clear PDF with signature and possibly added photos. The work order is then forwarded to your own TOPdesk account. As a result, the hours and materials are immediately included on a draft invoice. This integration ensures that you can proceed to invoicing more quickly and that you have less administrative tasks.

Why OutSmart?

  • Faster Billing – When your employees complete the work order, OutSmart generates the invoice automatically with the hours and items used in the service.
  • No Investment – You do not need to install or setup complex servers in your organization. OutSmart is a Cloud solution, which includes all you need to start working today.
  • Paperless – Everything is happening digitally! Connect your employees through the app to your back office. The service details will be sent by email to your customers.
  • Business efficiency – Reduce operational costs and time. OutSmart automates most of the administrative tasks. You will be focus more on what matter most – your business!


Purchase your licence directly at OutSmart.
The integration can be made immediately. There are no set-up costs involved.

How to activate the link
Activating the link is easy with the following four steps:
1. Click on ‘license manager’ in the left menu bar under the heading settings.
2. Click on the blue ‘order’ button at the top right.
3. Under the heading ‘link’ you can select the TOPdesk link from the menu.
4. Set the link once via ‘external link’ in the left menu bar.