Outlook bi-directional Room Booker

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The bi-directional Outlook-TOPdesk connector allows organizations to either plan Room bookings in TOPdesk or Outlook and keep both in sync.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version On-Premises : Support from next release (expected July), SaaS: Current released version
Hosting availability SaaS, Continuous deployment
Consultancy Required


Are you looking for a solution to Book rooms in TOPdesk as well as in Exchange?

By using the bi-directional Outlook Room Booking Connector for TOPdesk, booking rooms either from TOPdesk or from Outlook are both possible. The Connector keeps both environments up-to-date. So you don’t lose time, risk mismatches or keep rooms unavailable after cancelation simply by avoiding the need to plan in two systems.

What we notice at many organisations is that Exchange is the leading party for appointments, but not for booking rooms. Here TOPdesk is the champ! Hence this generates a problem. You must now use two systems for planning. With our Connector you only need to plan and book in one or the other! It doesn’t matter if you make bookings in TOPdesk or in Outlook. The Connector takes care that both systems are kept in sync automatically.

Without the Connector

The process of booking rooms are divided over two completely different systems. Disadvantages are:

  • It takes considerably more time since you have to do everything twice.
  • Much higher change of errors.
  • Rooms remain unavailable in TOPdesk or in Outlook when not cancelled in both systems.

With the Connector

  • Less time required for room bookings.
  • To your choice planning can be done in TOPdesk or in Outlook.
  • When cancelling a room booking in either one of the systems the booking in the other will automatically be cancelled by the Connector.


What are the Connector capabilities

In brief the Connector is able to fully synchronize your TOPdesk and Exchange (Outlook) room bookings and to keep them in sync in real-time. No matter if planning is done in TOPdesk or Outlook. Of course the Connector has a lot more to offer then just that. The connector not only provides all functionality to keep room bookings in sync but it also assists to get everything in place to get started. This is what the Connector offers:

Outlook Room Booker 3.0

ORB 3.0 will be released on 25-02-2019. This new release will bring some brand new functionalities:

  1. Recurring meetings from Outlook to TOPdesk.
    1. Reservations can be made in Outlook as a series. This series will be sent to TOPdesk. The series will be created as separated reservations within TOPdesk.
  2. The Mail Template can now be set per Site. This can be used when there are different sites in multiple countries.
  3. Enhanced technical and functional monitoring
  4. The Outlook Room Booker 3.0 will be delivered in SaaS.
    1. Exceptions can be discussed

Assistance in preparing the environment

You want to know more about Assistance in preparing the environment? Please visit the OUTLOOK ROOM BOOKER RESOURCE CENTER


Connector functionality

Underneath you’ll find the main features of the connector:

  • Multiple-sites supported
  • Recurring meetings from Outlook to TOPdesk
  • Room bookings made in TOPdesk are created in real-time in Exchange
      • Support of room bookings including Organizer
  • Room bookings made in Outlook are created in real-time in TOPdesk
    • Support of room bookings including Organizer and number of participants
  • Fallback systems that take care to keep room bookings in sync in case of a disruption of systems or communication
  • TOPdesk and Exchange/O365 are both support as SaaS or on-premise
  • Support of Exchange AutoDiscovery
  • Custom email templates to send room booking messages to the organizer
  • Clear log functionality for debugging purposes in case of errors
  • Room booking statistics
  • All data required for the Connector are stored in a file encrypted database

The Basic usage of the Connector:


More information can be found on www.scope4mation.com


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