ONEiO Service Integration

By ONEiO Cloud Corporation

ONEiO is a cloud-based SaaS solution that connects different processes and platforms into one transparent and seamless entity, enabling digital transformation.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
TOPdesk or unknown
TOPdesk or unknown


ONEiO means one input and one output. That is all you need to create modern, robust and secure integration. ONEiO Cloud has developed and trained integration robots to automate business service integrations and replace traditional manual (and dull) integration development and management. They are always on. Integrate TOPdesk with the tools you, your teams, or your service providers already use. With ONEiO, you only need to choose endpoints and our integration robots will take care of the rest. Smooth collaboration between teams is only a few clicks away.

Why use ONEiO for TOPdesk integrations?

  • No manual coding
    Integration robots make no typos.
  • Fast and easy integration
    Utilize pre-integrated ITSM applications and vendors.
  • Secure multipoint integrations
    You have full control over your integrations – end-to-end.
  • Knowledge and skills
    We know how TOPdesk works with other tools – look no further.
  • Amazing support
    Scores 5/5 every time.
  • Try free, start light, scale-up fast
    Nothing to lose, everything to win.

Step 1 – Subscribe to ONEiO
Start automating your integrations with integration robots. ONEiO can be set up in a few minutes.

STEP 2 – Choose endpoints
ONEiO adapts automatically to all your current integration technologies and enables end-to-end process flows, no matter which systems or tools you or your service providers are using.

Step 3 – Integrate and create rules
ONEiO’s intelligent rule robot creates the integration for you. You just need to show the directions and leave the rest for the robots.

Step 4 – Free yourself
ONEiO is the next generation iPaaS for delivering and maintaining integrations. You are in charge but our integration robots have everything in control – 24/7.