Novadoc AI innovative chatbot integration

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Innovative chatbot with seamless TOPdesk integration.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Available languages Arabic, Brazilian Portugese, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Other language
Region availability Primary BeNeLux


Novadoc AI utilizes the latest technologies within the chatbot scene, and combines these when necessary to create a personalised and powerful chatbot.

What does Novadoc AI offer:

  • The state-of-the-art IBM Watson technology which utilizes Artificial Intelligence in order to understand a conversation
  • Personal service from the chatbot without the human component which relieves employees of their duties
  • Operational efficiency and detailed statistics
  • Infinite amount of interactions which are available 24/7

Dialogue understanding
Due to developments within the Artificial Intelligence discipline our chatbot is able to understand the context of a conversation. Because of this the chatbot can discern the difference between turning right and being right. The sentence ‘Henk is always right’ can be understood by looking at the context of the sentence. It can also remember what was discussed in earlier sentences and this can be used in determining the next answer. Using the techniques behind this technolgy our chatbots continue to grow and get more accurate to the point where it feels like there is an actual conversation with a person from a helpdesk.

No nonsense chatbot production
No need to figure out how to create the chatbot yourself, because we custom tailor it to your needs. All thats needed is the proper communication to explain what is expected from the chatbot and we will make sure all needs are met.

Dataset integration
Using the newest IBM Watson technologies we are able to combine huge datasets(Over 10.000 files) and integrate them into the chatbot so any information is always available to the chatbot. This means that any existing knowledge base can be transfered into the chatbot and used in any conversation.

Due to us using different types of chatbots for different scenario’s we can always offer the most fitting chatbot for your use case.

This isn’t the only way we are discerning ourselves from the competition. Not only do we offer the standard chatbot languages such as Dutch and English, but we also offer another wide variety of languages which can be used in our chatbots. The complete list of languages we provide can be seen below.

  • Arabic
  • Brazilian Portugese
  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Any other language

As can be seen in the list we also offer “Any other language”. We added this, because other languages are certainly possible to implement. This will constitute a longer and more intensive development, because our AI still needs to be trained to understand your chosen language.

The chatbot proces
In order to build a chatbot a flow must first be created. To create a flow a conversation must be divided into several steps. All of these steps must eventually lead to the actual goal of the conversation(flow). This goal can be a simple answer to a simple question, but the goal could also be to have the user fill out and submit a form using the answers given to the chatbot.

Example of a “flow” within a chatbot

When the framework of the chatbot exists(after building all the desired flows) so all questions the users will ask can be answered, it is time to personalize the chatbot. This means creating the “face” of the chatbot and integrating company colours. It is also possible to give the chatbot its own name. Using all the different customization options you’re creating a personality for the chatbot(which can also be added into the dialog of the chatbot). The screenshot below shows a small part of the personalisation proces.

When the chatbot is up and running and can be used it is time to get a general idea of what de users of the chatbot want to know when conversing with it. Using this information the chatbot can be improved where necessary. If the are many uncertainties regarding a specific subject it is possible for the chatbot to create an insight in this and measures can be taken to eliminate these uncertainties. Using these statistiscs the chatbot will always be able to shine a light on the different types of processes which are currently lacking and need more attention.

Not just what de users are talking about during these conversations is visible, but also when this is happening. Using this it can become clear that most users are using the chatbot at night when they have a burning question on their mind. Or maybe this is happening more often outside of working hours during the weekend. Based on this information employees can be utilised more efficiëntly to be available during the more busy hours of the day.

A overview of the statistics offered by Watson Assistant which is a product IBM(a Novadoc AI Partner) is visible below. Not only does this create insight in the amount of user, how many times they conversed with the chatbot or how many message they send, but also how many times these conversations ended as intended.

Knowing how many times conversations go well is nice, but in order to find out when it doesn’t go well we need more detailed statistics. Exactly due to these reasons we offer extra insight into these statistics. Using the chatbot is not just a way for your company to redistribute the easy tasks to the chatbot and be able to use your employees for more important tasks, but also to streamline your company processes and creating the most efficiënt version of your company.

Hopefully we can soon supply your company with a truly efficiënt and innovative chatbot to discern you from the competition!