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By Nexthink

Make IT aware of things that matter most.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version TOPdesk 5 and up
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required


Digital employee experience (DEX) intelligence provides organizations with comprehensive visibility and understanding over the actual usage and experiences employees have with their digital workplace. Nexthink provides IT with the means to integrate unique DEX intelligence and automation capabilities into TOPdesk’s easy-to-use ITSM platform. IT can drastically broaden the scope of accessible data and capabilities to enhance to enhance incident management and support IT operations directly in TOPdesk.Quantified experience scores, simplified incident management, automated remediation and improved employee experiences are just some of the obvious benefits stemming from a DEX-enhanced ITSM environment.

Digital Employee Experience as a Data Source
The TOPdesk—Nexthink integration enables IT teams to integrate employee centric actionable insight directly into their TOPdesk environment. Support teams can automatically detect and report on DEX issues by leveraging technical and sentiment insight for a highly contextual support process. This not only provides Service Desk Agents with the means to dramatically improve their incident management capabilities and reduce IT overheads, but also ensures they deliver a great digital experience to all employees.

Key Benefits

  • Access simple, quantified scores and real-time metrics about an employee’s digital environment to get an at-a-glance understanding of their digital experience.
  • Trigger automated remote actions to remediate performance or experience issues in a single click directly from the TOPdesk console.
  • Dramatically reduce time to fix incidents by leveraging detailed, employeecentric insight and integrated remediation capabilities throughout the incident management process.
  • Catalog and cross-reference user and device issues in TOPdesk’s incident history to detect under-reported issues, drill down into their root-cause and aid future resolutions.

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