N-Central – TOPdesk Integration

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Seamlessly integrate your N-central® remote monitoring and management platform from N-Able with TOPdesk Incident management.

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Seamlessly integrate your N-central® remote monitoring and management platform from N-Able with TOPdesk Incident management.

Why the N-Central – TOPdesk Integration

When monitoring IT environments with N-Central some tickets need an administration follow-up. Normally you would need to get a trigger from N-Central to manually register a ticket in TOPdesk, afterwards a lot of manual work needs to be done to get this registered in TOPdesk.  This results in time consuming and inaccurate registration which leads to misinterpretation and in a lot of cases (unneeded) extra work.

With the N-Central – TOPdesk Integration registration of N-Central tickets in the TOPdesk incidents module is automated and this saves you not only on registration but also on follow-up a lot of time.

Simply configure the PSA integration in N-Central. Per customer and more detailed on device level what incidents will be registered in TOPdesk fully automatically or manual selection in N-Central.

Our Integration Module synchronizes in both ways with the on premise Solarwinds and the SaaS based N-Able / N-Central solution.

Why is the N-Central – TOPdesk Integration so effective?

The main advantages are:

  • Automatic Registration of N-Central operational tickets in TOPdesk:
    • Operational events can be Registered, Completed, Updated, Resolved and Reopened.
      • Reopened incident option within X amount of time.
    • TOPdesk incident number and link will be written back to N-Central.
    • Updates of the same operational N-Able ticket is consolidated, to minimize/limit the number of incidents
  • Easy Mapping of attributes from N-Central to TOPdesk Incidents including Customers and Devices.
  • Based on PSA Ticketing Integration in N-Central and TOPdesk API
  • Optimized TOPdesk Incident Integration
    • Assign templates
    • Flexibile configuration options
  • This module is part of our Qixium platform
    • Easy to manage as a customer
    • Secure environment
    • Scope4mation is ISO27001 certified
    • Easy to use and extend, all TOPdesk integrations in 1 place!
      • (solutions for TOPdesk New Asset Mgmt (NAM), JML/IDU Process Module and Outlook Room Booker (ORB))
    • Flexible monitoring & Alerting

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