Mobicage: Our City App integration

By Mobicage NV

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Mobicage was founded in 2011. We have created our own technology called “Rogerthat”.
Based on that technology the mobile communication platform for cities and municipalities was built in 2015: “Our City App”.

Our City App is a self developed mobile two-way communication platform for cities and municipalities. We aim to be one app where citizens can find all kinds of information, services, …
We group city services, merchants, associations and care takers to generate more users and to make life easier for the citizens. We want to support local merchants, help them innovate, make them available on the ‘mobile market’ so they have more impact against world players like amazon,, … We do this by offering them their own e-shop, digital customer card, reservation system, …

We also developed the app so the city or municipality can communicate better with their citizens and vice versa. The city uses the app to inform their citizens about traffic works, events, vacancies,… But more so, because we are a two-way communication platform, the citizens themselves are able to ask questions to the city counsil and make reports about damages, neglect, road kills, illigal dumping, … This is where the integration with the TOPdesk system has a lot of value! These reports can be linked to the TOPdesk system. This implies that the reports are automatically and immediatly created in the TOPdesk system!