Link TOPdesk instances

By TOPdesk

Link TOPdesk instances from different departments or even customers and suppliers. Configure when you want to forward information and stay in sync.

This solution is an Action Sequence. TOPdesk's Action Sequences make it possible to integrate with other tools that have a REST API, without the need for programming. Find out more here.
Price Free
TOPdesk version TOPdesk 7.11.005 and up
Hosting availability SaaS, Continuous deployment, On-premises
Consultancy Optional
TOPdesk or unknown
TOPdesk or unknown


Everyone knows it, the need to forward a task to a colleague, another department or even another company. It’s not always easy to do so, with different processes being followed by different people.

Save your employees valuable time by defining this collaboration with each external party how you see fit. Set up customizable triggers with the Events & Actions module to inform another party. Create new tickets, update existing ones and make sure to let someone know when the job is done.

Since the integration consists out of several customizable steps, you can adjust the integration yourself or with the help of TOPdesk Consultancy. Want additional integration options? Check out the TOPdesk API documentation and use the same technology.

Setting up this integration is easy, but agreeing on processes to follow often proves to be challenging. Our consultants would be happy to help, to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Benefits of the solution

  • Faster resolution timesReduce time spent on both ends by offering a smooth integration between departments or customer and supplier.
  • Focus on the important tasksKey personnel can focus on important challenges, with a decreased need for double registration.
  • Staying in syncWhat’s happening at a supplier? Set up a bi-directional integration to stay in sync.



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  2. TOPdesk - Inform Supplier Side After Update [Customer Side] - 8.08.026
  3. TOPdesk - Escalate call to Supplier 10.07.014