Simplify complexity with BlueDolphin

Solution created by ValueBlue

Empowering organizations with Agile Business Transformation.

Price Free
TOPdesk version TOPdesk 5 and up
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements Subscription ValueBlue
Available languages English, German and Dutch
Region availability Worldwide (remote + on premise) support, with offices in the Netherlands, New York and Hong Kong. Support 24/7.


Simplify complexity with BlueDolphin | Empowering organizations with Agile Business Transformation

ValueBlue is market leader in Agile Business Transformation, providing a strategic planning and collaboration solution for enterprises.

Our collaboration solution BlueDolphin empowers Business Leaders and Enterprise Architects to define business goals, create a business transformation roadmap to meet these goals, enable the broader organization to collaborate on this roadmap, monitor progress, and adjust where necessary based on data. By assembling information from multiple, already existing, sources such as TOPdesk, Active Directory and your employees, BlueDolphin is able to combine the existing information in your organization into a coherent, complete model of what your business does, what your business goals are and how IT supports this.

With BlueDolphin, organizations can innovate faster, coordinate their transformation activities and reduce risks.

ValueBlue combines Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management and Data Modeling into an effective strategic steering mechanism for large organizations and enterprises in Europe, USA and Asia.

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