Integration of TOPdesk BOTs with WhatsApp API

Solution created by AMTI Consult

AMTI is a reseller of a WhatsApp Business API from a BSP (Business Solution Providers) of Meta. This BSP is a leading company in the creation and management of chatbots for sales automation, customer service, and internal support. With its own machine learning-powered artificial intelligence engine, it is able to understand and anticipate user needs.

Our platform offers customer service in three ways: 100% human, 100% automated, or hybrid, with automatic routing from bot to agent when necessary.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Available languages Portuguese
Region availability Brasil


What are the advantages of this integration?

  • Natural Language Processing for interpreting text or voice messages and creating intents.
  • Fully accessible open platform via API – Multichannel.
  • Self-service solution for building and managing bots.
  • Infrastructure on Google Cloud with security features from the new Google Cloud Armor. The service includes DDoS and application and platform defense and is the same service used in other Google products such as Search and YouTube.
  • ISO 27001 certification.
  • Tool for building chatbots through intuitive graphical visualization.
  • ChatGPT for training the chatbot for more accurate answers.
  • Customized platform tailored to your business for your customers.
  • Transcription of voice messages to text messages received by your customers.
  • Automatic translation into multiple languages.
  • Real-time analysis for complete bot management.
  • Integration with major channels for sending and receiving text and voice messages, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, email, and voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

Pre-configured TOPdesk chatbot integration with WhatsApp API

AMTI has developed pre-configured chatbot projects for integration with the WhatsApp API, including:

  • Bot for opening and consulting Topdesk tickets

Opening Topdesk tickets: The requester interacts with the chatbot, which requests user information and the description of the task to be opened, registering the task in TOPdesk and providing the generated task number.

Consulting Topdesk tickets: The requester interacts with the chatbot, which requests the task number, performs the inquiry, and informs the requester about the status.

  • Bot for Query TOPdesk Knowledge Base

In the TOPdesk knowledge base, data can be categorized by topics; by sharing information on WhatsApp, it is possible to provide only what is need. The knowledge base can be made available in a generic way or through your product or department catalog.

How does the Query in bot work?

Once located, up to five items from the knowledge base will be displayed. Upon selecting an item, the “Title, Description, and Link” of the selected item will be shown. The link will be opened in a browser page with information from the knowledge base.

  • Other Bot developments by AMTI integrated with TOPdesk modules:
    • Humanized customer service
    • Sending and receiving attachment(s)
    • Sending and receiving voice messages
    • Conducting satisfaction surveys
    • Approval and query orders
    • Receiving notifications from TOPdesk (WhatsApp)
    • Microsoft Teams integration
    • Order prioritization


  • On demand Bot project with WhatsApp API integration to TOPdesk

We offer the possibility of on demand projects for each client, turning ideas into reality.


    • Identify the customer, ask questions to determine the requester’s identity, and register the task request.
    • Answer to frequently asked questions and resolve most cases without agent intervention, optimizing time and resources for teams.
    • Send questions to customers for problem diagnosis and conversation sorting.
    • Transfer conversations to experts or the appropriate department.
    • Manage thousands of conversations with an automated and easy-to-configure mapping tool.
    • Integration with business systems for task assignment, message sending, case logging, document production, email sending, receipt creation, and other problem-solving needs.
    • Integration with ticketing systems and CRMs for order placement and status verification.
    • Connect with WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Webchat, Google Business Messages, Twitter, and Apple Messages for Business (among others) for conducting conversations.
    • Automating recurring processes.
    • Increased efficiency of your company’s employees by avoiding operational and repetitive tasks.
    • Improved internal communication within your company, establishing clear communication channels for each subject.
    • Sending notifications, alerts, and updates to all employees.



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