Insocial ‘Service Experience’

Solution created by Insocial

With this product, you easily measure the customer satisfaction of your TOPdesk IT services.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version On-premises: VA 2022 R1 and up
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Not required
Additional requirements Subscription Insocial
Available languages Dutch, English
Region availability The Netherlands


Better support, happy clients

Listen to the voice of your customer with Insocial ‘Service Experience’ feedback solutions

As a service manager, you want customers to be enthusiastic about your services and support and continuously improve processes and performance. In addition, you want to be one step ahead of other providers in a world where IT is becoming increasingly bigger. We have the solution for these wishes. Collect feedback about your service activities and structurally measure how satisfied customers are with your organization and your services. We will enable you to combine the best of SLAs and XLAs* to ensure every customer shows a smile from ear to ear.


Make the most of ITSM software and gain actionable insights from your service activities

The benefits at a glance:

Service experience as your key differentiator. Combine SLA with XLA*

Customers expect more than just the achievement of SLAs. A good experience and high level of satisfaction have become at least as important. Differentiate yourself with the right XLAs and prove that you are overachieving them by reporting customer satisfaction. Start measuring your service experience now to prevent customer attrition and to make the relationships with your customer flourish.

Get customer oriented and get a grip on the customer experience

Send automatic push reports to every employee and introduce your team to our smart analytics dashboard. Because you can personalize your reports per stakeholder, everyone gets to see their own insights that match their goals. This way you let the customer experience really live in every department and develop a customer-oriented culture within your organization. Get a real grip on your customer’s wishes!

Take the step towards proactive service

Take control. Because you measure all service touchpoints in the same way with Insocial, you will immediately see the differences and know where to improve! You will work more efficiently and ensure a perfect and streamlined service level management. Furthermore, our closed loop feedback feature will drive you to be responsive to customer feedback. In this way, you understand the customer experience from their point-of-view, help elevate their experiences today, and obtain insights to inform your long-term customer experience strategies.

Compare the performance of your agents and channels

With Insocial’s feedback platform you measure all your different interaction moments, such as a phone call with the call center agent, searching for answers on the website and asking questions to a chatbot. How do your agents, teams and the channels you use perform? Discover where improvements are still needed!

TOPdesk seamlessly integrates with Insocial

By integrating data into the TOPdesk ecosystem, you can make immediate and long-term adjustments and see where your support desk can perform better. This is your first big step towards optimal customer satisfaction. This solution from Insocial & TOPdesk lets you send out surveys automatically after a ticket has been closed. The data can be found in the dashboards and reports, which are already prepared for you!


Insocial ‘Service Experience’ solution for TOPdesk users

  • Best practice survey forms which are easy to customize;
  • Unlimited feedback responses;
  • Closed Loop Feedback for service recovery;
  • Deepdive analytics dashboarding to uncover what impact your service experience;
  • Automated push reports, personalized for every stakeholder
  • Narrowcasting feeds for displaying service experience results to the workspace
  • Elite Onboarding;
  • First line support;
  • Future proof;
  • API first;
  • Easy to scale experience platform to measure every type of experience:
    • Brand Experience,
    • Customer Experience,
    • Employee Experience;
    • User Experience.

Pricing:  will be available soon

How it works:

*XLA is bedacht en ontworpen door het onderzoeks- en adviesbureau Giarte.