IDU – JML Change Process

By Scope4mation

From within TOPdesk being in control of your complete Joiners-Movers-Leavers (JML) change process.

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From within TOPdesk being in control of your complete Joiners-Movers-Leavers (JML) change process.


Do you want to have your JML process organised in a structured way, but your budget and available time are holding you back? Without the need for expensive applications/platforms, complex and time consuming projects ensures that you can make the JML process fully feasible and keep it under control, based on your existing HR- and TOPdesk-application. External persons or flexible workforce that are not included in your HR application(s) can be registered within In this way you manage the JML process organisation-wide. For Dutch customers: JML is equal to IDU (Instroom-Doorstroom-Uitstroom).

What does offer?

With we link your HR application with TOPdesk. For each JML change in your HR application a change with associated activities, containing all relevant information, will automatically be created in your TOPdesk application. With the help of JML matrices you determine which TOPdesk Activities should be related to which Change. With the help of RBAC (Role Based Access) matrices you determine who may have access at the level of the organisation, department, location and individually. Both physically and at the level of applications.

Wat makes so effective?

  • Affordable and implemented quickly
  • Changes in your JML process are managed easily in the application by your sell
    • No need for expensive and time consuming bespoke work and or scripting
  • Structures the implementation of the entire IDU process and connects to your HR application
    • Integrated with your HR application at no additional cost
  • Fully integrated in TOPdesk:
    • Automatically add, activate, manage and deactivate TOPdesk person and operator accounts
      • Including change of department / budget holder optionally with adjustment of linked assets
    • Status of both manually and automatically performed activities in TOPdesk
    • Based on a JML change, manual and automatic tasks are created in TOPdesk
    • Automatic tasks are executed by at the right time
    •, including JML- and RBAC-matrices, configured in TOPdesk
    • In case of errors incidents are automatically created in TOPdesk
    • Insight and control over the entire JML process from TOPdesk
  • Examples of activity automation:
    • Management of AD / Azure accounts, email and linking rights groups (based on RBAC matrices)
    • Access control / access cards systems (based on RBAC matrices)
    • User provisioning / user access (based on IAM matrices)
    • Purchasing / ordering applications (based on purchasing matrices)
    • Remove room reservations of persons leaving the organisation (Outlook / TOPdesk)
    • Processing of incoming and automation of outgoing email
    • Easy extendable with other applications

What is in it for you and your organisation?

  • Substantially lower costs for the entire JML process
  • Tightly integrated with TOPdesk
  • The ability to process IDU changes quickly and automatically
  • Insight, overview and control of the entire IDU process
  • Prevent security risks in case of Movers or Leavers
  • Support for your ISO27001 and NEN7510 audit
  • Above all: Happy employees, managers and HR employees

More information: Contact your TOPdesk account manager and visit our website !