JML/IDU Process Module

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Automating your Joiners-Movers-Leavers (JML) process with TOPdesk and Scope4mation.

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Additional requirements Change Management Module
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Automating your Joiners-Movers-Leavers (JML) process with TOPdesk and Scope4mation.
For Dutch customers: JML is equal to IDU (Instroom-Doorstroom-Uitstroom).

Why the JML/IDU Process Module?

The JML/IDU Process Module provides support for the entire JML/IDU process. The JML/IDU Process Module is linked to the HR system, TOPdesk, AD/AAD, other applications, such as user provisioning, card systems, supply chain and provides service automation for the JML/IDU process.

For each JML/IDU change in your HR application a TOPdesk change with activities, containing all relevant information, will automatically be created in TOPdesk. With the JML/IDU matrices you determine which TOPdesk activities should be related to which change. With the help of RBAC (Role Based Access) matrices you determine who should have access for different functions / locations / business unit / cost center / departments / and self-selectable properties.

Why is the JML/IDU Process Module so effective?

The main advantages are:

  • Fully integrated with TOPdesk.
  • Cost savings through efficient automatic registration and where possible also automatic execution of all JML/IDU activities.
  • Central insight into the progress of activities per JML/IDU change for the manager, HR and other stakeholders.
  • Dashboard with insight into the total JML/IDU progress, numbers and savings compared to manual registration and output.
  • Control over the issuance and withdrawal of accounts, access and rights for AD/AAD, and the issuance and withdrawal of company resources.
  • Entire JML/IDU process can be audited centrally (e.g. for ISO27001, ENSIA and ICT Audits).
  • Scope4mation is ISO27001 certified; with a broad scope for developing, hosting, delivering, implementing and maintaining its applications.
  • The JML/IDU Process Module is flexible to connect to existing processes and can be set up and managed independently, without the need for scripts or bespoke work.

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