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FlexWhere, a Dutchview product, is a handy software application for agile organisations that have implemented meeting room management & hot desking and desk sharing.

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Hot desking means working without a fixed desk. In this work mode, employees are free to choose where they wish to work in an office. This makes it possible to create workstations based on activity, like workstations in designated quiet areas or group workspaces. If the organisation has many part-time employees or employees working regularly from home, less office space is needed.

To avoid employees coming to the office and finding no free workstation, or wasting time searching for one, a good software solution is paramount. With FlexWhere, employees can instantly check for free desks, book a workstation, find colleagues, and view and book spaces for scheduled and impromptu meetings.

Free desks and available meeting rooms can be displayed on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. For added convenience, a screen in the lobby or hallway can also show the available spaces. A display at the door of the meeting room can show upcoming meetings.

FlexWhere & COVID-19

The corona crisis has made it clear that working from home is possible for most office workers. FlexWhere was already the go-to software to manage this agile way of working, but it has been extended to serve organisations even better in this time of crisis. Additions include blocking desks to ensure the social distancing rules are being followed and projecting a radius around a desk to ensure these rules are observed.

FlexWhere also offers the option of printing out a floor plan, showing the desks that have been used. This is especially convenient for cleaners. It’s a real life example of the concept of built-in statistics. Managers can use the extensive statistics to monitor occupancy rates in the office. For example, they can receive an email when a pre-set occupancy rate has been reached.

FlexWhere is the software for workplace and meeting room management

  • Helps you find and book a free workspace
  • Helps you find and book a free meeting room
  • Shows you where your colleagues are working
  • Provides information on room occupancy rates
  • Shows meeting rooms and workstation reservations
  • Reserves a space for an impromptu meeting
  • Display meeting room status on all devices (app, displays, web)
  • Can be linked with sensors and building management systems if desired
  • Shows actual occupancy and statistics gathered over time
  • Communicates through displays outside meeting rooms
  • Is GDPR-compliant and privacy-conscious
  • Doesn’t save user data
  • Is developed by Dutchview, which has been certified for ISO 9001 and 27001
  • Is securely hosted within the EU, at a provider who is ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certified


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