Five Star Review

Solution created by TOPdesk

Simple & free customer feedback solution.

Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Not required
Additional requirements TOPdesk Incident management module
Available languages Configurator: English only. Feedback: All languages supported by TOPdesk
Region availability All regions supported by TOPdesk
TOPdesk or unknown
TOPdesk or unknown
KI 12895


How does it work?

The customer receives an e-mail that contains five stars.


Example mail five star review

The customer is invited in the email to give feedback by clicking on one of the five stars.
The results is send to TOPdesk and stored inĀ  the five star rating field of the incident.
The customer is not presented with a TOPdesk login screen. The customer does not need a TOPdesk account to provide feedback.

TOPdesk reports can be created to monitor the customer satisfaction.

Benefits of the solution

  • One click feedback. No hassle for the customers.
  • All customers can provide feedback, regardless they have a TOPdesk account.
  • Get more insight in the way your service is experienced by your customers.
  • Easier to react proactively to unhappy customers.
  • Direct feedback for your operator.

Start using it. It is free!

It is easy to configure Five Star Review and test it.


Follow this link to open the instruction to set up Five Star Review.
N.B. For versions before 9.12.007, the incident needs to have the processing status “Closed”.
If you are using a Virtual Appliance you can use the Feedback Solution for a simple 5 star review.

In below matrix you can see the differences between 5 Star Review and the Feedback Solution versus TOPdesk native feedback.