Feedback Solution

Solution created by TOPdesk

Solution to support unauthenticated feedback in TOPdesk.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version TOPdesk november 2017 and up
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Required
Available languages Dutch, English, German and Portuguese
TOPdesk or unknown
TOPdesk or unknown


Better insight in the provided service
The TOPdesk feedback solution provides you with insight in how customers experience the service you provided by sending the customer a small questionnaire. No authentication is required to fill in this questionnaire.

How does it work?
At the moment of closure the customer receives an e-mail with a link to a questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire can be saved to optional search lists and memo fields.  The solution supports incidents and changes. With standard reporting functionality reports can be created on the values in optional search lists. The questionnaire can be customized in content and layout (colors and company logo) in some extent during implementation.

Why should I use it?

  • Get more insight in your the way your service is experienced by your customers
  • Easier to react proactively to unhappy customers
  • Direct feedback for your operator
  • Ability to create advanced reports by using OData
  • This solution can also provide a simple 5 star review

Example of a more extensive survey


In below matrix you can see the differences between 5 Star Review and the Feedback Solution versus TOPdesk native feedback.