FastPass Self Service of Password Reset SSPR

Solution created by FastPass

Give users self-service when they have password problems. You will see happy users with fast resolution. Service desk will experience a reduction of 20-30% in tickets. CISO will be happy as all calls are logged with complete information for compliance reporting. Excellent and profitable business case.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance, Classic on-premises
Consultancy Required
Available languages More than 30 end-user languages
Region availability All


On average 20-30% of all calls to service desks are password related. Users forget passwords and their passwords get locked. Some service desks handle more than Windows passwords. SAP, Oracle, IBM, SQL and many other password problems are solved by the supporter. It’s difficult to find good supporters! Let them focus on difficult and challenging calls and give users self-service where possible.

TOPdesk customers can now improve the service to users with FastPass Self-Service of Password Reset which is faster and better service for users than waiting in a queue. What will it mean for your service desk if you don’t get any password calls any more (or only very few!!)

FastPass Self Service for *Password Reset functionality:

  • PC client letting users reset passwords from their Windows PC before login
  • Responsive design for easy access from all types of end-user devices
  • Individual workflows per user group
  • Rich user verification including 2FA
  • Tokens
      • SMS mobilephone
      • Private e-mail
      • Microsoft Authenticator
      • Google Authenticator
      • OKTA
      •  DUO
      • RSA
      • Smartcard
      • MitId (DK)
  • Manager Approval
  • Service Desk Approval
  • User knowledge
      • Private questions/Answer
      • Semi-private questions/Answer
      • Own questions/Answer
  • Forced user enrollment
  • E-mail based automatic user enrollment
  • Remote PC password reset of local cache!

Multiple passwords

    • AD
    • Azure
    • SAP
    • IBM
    • Oracle
    • SQL
    • LDAP

To understand what a competent organization needs, please read our document on:  The Top Criteria for Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Solutions: What should you be looking for?

Benefits for users, service desk and management

  • Faster resolution of password problems
  • Reduced password workload at the service desk
  • Very profitable business case
  • Reduced risk for account take-over by hackers

Technical information

  • FastPass is available for on-premise and Cloud (AWS)
  • Integrates with TOPdesk for logging of events and actions directly to TOPdesk tickets
  • Available for all current TOPdesk versions
  • Requires virtual Windows servers either for on-premise or as a gateway for Cloud