Extender for ROGER365.io

Solution created by Hanssens, beyond telecom

This integration brings TOPdesk caller data, recent tickets, and new ticket shortcuts directly into Microsoft Teams. This allows instant identification of callers and makes it easy to view, open and create TOPdesk tickets.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements Teams calling licences en ROGER365
Available languages Dutch, English and French
Region availability Belgium, The Netherlands and UK


The Extender for ROGER365.io is an add-on for ROGER365.io and offers an ultimate employee experience for your servicedesk employees. The Extender enriches the ROGER365.io application with important TOPdesk information about the caller such as name, picture and company and makes it possible to open tickets in TOPdesk.

360° customer view
Despite the very strong possibilities and extensions ROGER365.io offers to organizations that use Microsoft Teams as a central communication platform, Hanssens takes it a step further in terms of software integrations with important CRM/ERP/ITSM applications. Through more extensive integrations, the  Extender for ROGER365.io offers users of ROGER365.io a 360° customer view of the caller. This increases the efficiency of every communication and gives your customers an exceptional experience. Your servicedesk employees are aware of the situation immediately, without even leaving the ROGER365.io application.

TOPdesk integration
Today ROGER365.io makes it possible for organizations to make a basic connection with TOPdesk through an optional API connector offering more information about the customer in case of incoming communication such as telephone number, name and company. However, the Extender for ROGER365.io goes a lot further and offers an ultimate employee experience for your servicedesk employees.

Relevant customer data at a glance
Our Extender ensures that important TOPdesk information appears in the ROGER365.io Powerframe. This is not limited to name and company but shows much more information about the incoming communication: photo, surname, first name, company, telephone number, mobile numbers, division… Which fields you wish to see can be chosen in the administrator panel. So only the relevant information appears for the servicedesk employee.

Overview recent TOPdesk tickets
By clicking on the photo you will be taken directly to the contact sheet in TOPdesk. Without manually opening TOPdesk, you can immediately consult all the information that is not yet shown in the predefined fields. On the right side of the screen, up to a maximum of 10 TOPdesk tickets are displayed that are directly connected to this contact person. By clicking on a ticket you will be redirected to TOPdesk and you will be taken directly to the relevant ticket where you can further edit and adjust it.

Shortcuts to create new TOPdesk tickets
In addition, we have provided a number of shortcuts that make the life of your servicedesk even easier. Because the servicedesk employee often has to respond quickly and must be able to create a ticket while still in communication with the customer, a shortcut was developed that immediately starts a new empty TOPdesk ticket. In this way, it is directly linked to the customer without the servicedesk employee having to do this manually in TOPdesk.

A shortcut is also available to create a new empty ticket without going to TOPdesk. This is a form where you can choose the ‘practitioner’ via dropdown and fill in the fields freely. Because some people can be connected to multiple organizations, you can choose via a dropdown for which organization this person has communicated. This dropdown appears automatically if the system finds the name multiple times in the TOPdesk database, allowing the servicedesk employee within the ROGER365.io frame to choose the correct situation.

To enjoy the TOPdesk Extender for ROGER365.io functionalities, you need the necessary TOPdesk environment, as well as ROGER365.io including the optional TOPdesk connector and of course use Microsoft Teams as a communication platform. The Extender can be set in English, Dutch or French.


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