Exchange Online: Out of Office Solution

Solution created by TOPdesk

With this Exchange Online integration, you can sync your users’ automatic reply status to their operator profile in TOPdesk.

This way, you can see at a glance if an operator is away/unavailable, thanks to a colored dot next to their name.
You can also hover your cursor on the dot to see when they are expected to return.

This solution is an Action Sequence. TOPdesk's Action Sequences make it possible to integrate with other tools that have a REST API, without the need for programming. Find out more here.
Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS, Continuous deployment, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements Microsoft Exchange Online (Hybrid environments are not supported)
TOPdesk SaaS or Virtual Appliance (2023 release 2 or newer)
TOPdesk or unknown
TOPdesk or unknown
KI 16290


Looking for a way to keep track of your TOPdesk operators’ availability and streamline your incident management process?

If so, you’ll be happy to have found this integration with Exchange Online that synchronizes users automatic reply status to their TOPdesk operator profile as an attention to visually indicate if the given operator is unavailable.

For service desk managers who want to optimize their workflows and ensure that incidents are handled by the right operators at the right time.

With this integration, you can easily see which operators are currently “Out of Office” and when they are expected to return.

You can also utilize the integration to expand your automation processes, for example re-assign all incidents that are assigned to operators who are currently “Out of Office” back to the incidents assigned operator group. This way, you can avoid delays in resolving incidents and improve customer satisfaction. While also reducing the workload of your operators who are on leave and prevent them from being overwhelmed by a backlog of incidents for when they return.

With this integration, you can:

– See a colored dot next to the assigned operator that indicates they are unavailable.

– Hover over the dot to see a tooltip with more details about the operator’s status and expected return date.

– Use the attention feature to filter and sort your operator overviews by their attention value.

– Set up automations to reassign incidents that are assigned to unavailable operators back to their operator group. This way, you can ensure that no incident is left unattended and improve your customer satisfaction.

Team Fenrir