Exact Online integration 

By Aery

Integrate TOPdesk with Exact Online.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Additional requirements Exact Online subscription 
Available languages Dutch
Region availability The Netherlands


With the Exact Online integration it is easy to invoice closed incidents directly in Exact Online.


  • Easy, fast and efficient way of invoicing TOPdesk incidents
  • Increasing cost-efficiency


Basis (required)
The basis includes the dashboard in which the settings can be adjusted and the synchronization of relations. The debtors created in Exact Online can be synchronized to the TOPdesk branches.

Invoice module
The registered time of the closed incidents can be transferred directly to Exact Online as draft invoices.

Hours Module
The time registered in the incidents can be synchronized to Exact Online Hours & Invoices.

Project module
The time registered in the incidents can be synchronized to projects in Project Management of Exact Online.


How does the integration work? 

  1. Create an incident in TOPdesk.
  2. Register time and reason and close the incident.
  3. Choose your hourly rate in Invoicedesk.
  4. Go to the Invoicedesk Dashboard and you will find an overview of all closed incidents that are ready to be invoiced.
  5. Select the invoice address and the closed incident that you want to invoice.
  6. Open Exact Online and go to the overview. The draft invoice (with TOPdesk data) has been created.
  7. Print the invoice directly from Exact Online.