Event Management for TOPdesk – FREE Edition

Solution created by Martello

Quickly search through the entire database of tickets & incidents with  the free edition of Event Management for TOPdesk.

Price Free
TOPdesk version TOPdesk 5 and up
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Not required
Available languages English
Region availability Global availability directly through Martello


Unified Event Management – Martello iQ for TOPdesk

Organizations need to ensure that they are maximizing the availability and performance of their IT and Business Services. To help ensure your teams are always on top of the situation, TOPdesk allows your service teams and customer support streamline their activities to solve problems faster and communicate better. However, searching through tickets in TOPdesk can be troublesome, especially if there have been recurring tickets & incidents you want to keep an eye on or get back to for analysis. This challenge is further compounded when the IT environment grows and larger amounts of tickets are being pushed into TOPdesk, especially when they are not providing the necessary context. Some of them are not even actionable, but they still need to go through the process of acknowledgement and closing.


Martello iQ for TOPdesk is a smart system that allows users to quickly search through the entire database of tickets & incidents. Based on Elasticsearch, iQ has the power to ‘Google’ search on any referred to field that’s found within any piece of information stored in TOPdesk. These searches can also be saved as reports if they are used often. A few examples:

  • How many tickets have been created in the last 24 hours?
  • What is the amount of tickets currently open for a specific user?
  • Which tickets have been open for a specific period of time?

iQ for TOPdesk also comes with powerful reporting capabilities, allowing TOPdesk users to create reports based on any of their search queries.

iQ also has extensive and powerful integrations into the most commonly used Monitoring and Cloud platforms. Combined with iQ for TOPdesk, you can easily and quickly build searches that correlates TOPdesk tickets with any related object, asset and alert. No more drowning in alert & ticket storms, but stay in control with iQ for TOPdesk.

Functional Specifications:

  • All assets and services including all their properties, are retrieved.
  • TOPdesk is the only ITSM system, we support, that can give us health states. When a Call is created and related to an Asset the asset is marked as impacted and we will show that as critical. All assets that are operational are shown as healthy.
  • All relationships between the assets and between the services and related assets are loaded.
  • All Calls are loaded from TOPdesk and shown as Incidents in the application.
  • Calls can be created manually or automatically by the incident automation feature.
  • Alerts from other systems can be linked to Calls and the Call state can be automatically updated when all alerts are resolved.

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