Email Response Automation (ERA)

Solution created by Enterprise Bot

Losing team productivity to manual triage of repetitive customer emails?
Automate your email response with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Available languages English
Region availability Worldwide


What our Email Response Automation (ERA) solution can do for your business
Automates your email response with Artificial Intelligence (AI), reduce operational friction, boost productivity, craft personalized customer experiences, ensure an uptick in CSAT and raise ROI.

Key benefits:
– Increase cost-efficiency by 75%
– Lower response times by 90%
– 85% accuracy of routing

ERA is powered with:
– Advanced Natural Language Processing
– Data security
– Contextual understanding
– Smart escalation to live agents
– Sentiment analysis (this is a pre-configured and channel-agnostic tool that responds to customers in natural, human-like, conversational and friendly manner)

Watch the 1 minute video to see how it works:

Integration with TOPdesk
The ERA solution can seamlessly integrated with all kind of CRM and IT service management tools.
When a customer sends an email to your service desk, TOPdesk creates an incident.

With the ERA solution it is possible to answer the incident by sending an automatic personalised email powered by the AI.
This way, all the repetitive questions can be answered quickly and consistently. The more difficult questions/requests the ERA solution can smart escalate to a live agent.

ERA also triages the email automatically to the right department using AI & advanced NLP.

Watch the sample integration: