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Solution created by Ebbot

Ebbot’s Smart Live chat Gold Partner Solution is fully integrated into the TOPdesk self-service portal.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Optional
Additional requirements The integration requires api access to incidents(POST) and knowledge base api, if articles should be searchable.
Region availability Global
KI 16333


Reach a new level of efficiency with Ebbot’s Smart Live Chat.

The user-friendly live chat platform makes it easy for your support team to handle multiple chats, utilize helpful power-ups, and integrate with TOPdesk seamlessly – without leaving the chat. With Ebbot’s Smart Live Chat, you’ll deliver a superior support experience for your end-users while making the work of your service operators more enjoyable and manageable than ever before.

All the features you’ve ever wanted in a live chat:

  • Live translations
  • Customizable chat widget
  • Quick-reply templates
  • Automated triggers
  • Powerful analytics
  • Smart scheduling
  • Seamless handover from chatbot to human

Key benefits:

  • Cut response times
  • Juggle more chats per service operator
  • Auto-translate chat conversations in real-time
  • Create & update tickets without leaving the chat
  • Quickly identify the user

Integration with TOPdesk

As a TOPdesk Gold Partner, Ebbot offers complete and seamless integration of the Live chat into the TOPdesk self-service portal. 

Integration possibilities include:  

  • Create and update tickets
    Enable live service operators to create, update, or escalate tickets without leaving the conversation.
  • Asset management
    Easily access and link information from different asset cards and templates to an incident. 
  • User identification
    Since the live chat is fully integrated into the self-service portal – users are already identified. This means that conversations can be designed based on already-known information, and all information linked to a person is available for the service operator.

On the excellent tier?

Great news! Ebbot’s Smart Live Chat is included in your TOPdesk package at no extra cost. Please contact your TOPdesk account manager to get started.

Ebbot also offer a AI Chatbot solution that works together harmoniously with the Smart Live Chat. For further information on the AI Chatbot solution, visit the marketplace page here.