Ebbot chatbot and live chat tool

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Powerful chatbot with TOPdesk integration and live chat.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Available languages Supports over 20 languages
Region availability Support during Swedish office hours (CET)


Ebbot offers the latest technology in conversational AI, combining their powerful chatbot with AI assisted tools in their SmartChat for agents.



Reasons to use Ebbot:

Give customers access to information quickly and with a personalized level of service.

Make your organization available to customers 24/7.

Let your employees skip the boring tasks and focus fully on using their creativity on more complex tasks.

Decimate costs of your customer service.






Hello Ebbot makes chatbot-building simple. Most customers are live within 4-6 weeks with a chatbot that solves up to 80% of the incoming enquiries. The key is their AI powered NLP technology combined with their vast experience in customer service, which makes it possible to build customer friendly flows that solves problems in an efficient way.




  • Ebbot’s Smart Chat Client takes the live chat experience to a whole new level, using Ebbot’s own features to empower the users for more efficient conversations.
  • With Autopilot, agents can let Ebbot take over conversations and collect customer information, or trouble shoot issues, all while the agent is chatting to other customers. The agent can jump in later to finish the conversation.
  • With Power Ups, the agents can activate powerful integrations, that let’s them finish tasks otherwise only possible to finish in other apps. The TOPdesk integration for instance, let’s the agents update and close tickets without leaving the live Chat Client.



TOPdesk & Ebbot

With Ebbot’s TOPdesk integration, everything is connected for a seamless experience. Tickets are created automatically with all relevant data when a chat is sent to an agent. Agents can then update and close the tickets as needed. In TOPdesk, all conversation history can be found and at the same time, all TOPdesk history on tickets are available in the Customer Info side-bar in Ebbot app.



The Ebbot Widget is easily implemented:

  • On your website
  • On your intranet
  • On Facebook Messenger
  • In the TOPDesk Service Portal


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