dr. Switchboard

By PlanPower / Primos B.V.

Thanks to dr. switchboard the receptionist has the correct data on who is on-call. Those on-call can take over a shift via their smartphone.
The right telephone number(s) are put through and the repairer-on-duty or your second OR-team can automatically be called using your contact centre software.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional


Who’s on-call? On what device can he/she be reached? What are the secondary numbers? Escalate to whom?
Dr. Switchboard is a “Digital On-Call” application, working with your smartphones linking to your contact-centre software.
Dr. Switchboard was built together with innovative medical doctors. It connects to your unified communications system (e.g. cisco).

Benefits of the PlanPower solution

  • always know who is on-call;
  • no more delay in reaching that person;
  • stress gone, paperwork gone;
  • daily a fresh on-call list in mailbox;
  • patients / customers better served.