Digital Twin of the IT Organization


Price Paid
TOPdesk version TOPdesk Asset Management Module
Hosting availability SaaS, Continuous deployment
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As technology becomes further integrated into every facet of business operations, rationalization and harmonization projects become increasingly high risk.  Phasing out the wrong technology can create resounding impact across the whole organization, halting daily operations and disrupting business continuity.

Mavim has built an integration with TOPdesk’s Asset Management Module in order to bring organizational insights to the IT landscape.  With this connector, you can import your Top Desk Asset Management Module in to Mavim in order to connect it to your process landscape. By visualizing and connecting the specific capabilities and lifecycles of systems, their strategic value, the processes they support, the programs to which they belong, and the people who use them, Mavim creates unmatched insight into the IT Portfolio.   With this knowledge, you can have a fact-based discussion with the business about the impact and prioritization of harmonization and rationalization projects.


What are the Benefits?

Gain Insight into the Impact of Change – With ITPM, you can determine the impact that changing processes will have on IT and the impact that changes in IT will have on the business.

Reduce Maintenance Costs – Applications with overlapping functionalities can be made visible, outdated systems can be phased out, and redundant applications can be eliminated.

Lay the Groundwork for Innovation – By simplifying and reducing the maintenance and management of applications, you can create the space to innovate and incorporate the newest technologies into your IT portfolio.

Improve Compliance – Build a solid foundation for ISO 27001 and GDPR by connecting your IT assets to the processes & risks they are associated with as well as the regulations your organization adheres to.


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