Digital Signing

By SignRequest

Digitally sign documents and automatically link them to incident cards in TOPdesk.

This solution is an Action Sequence. TOPdesk's Action Sequences make it possible to integrate with other tools that have a REST API, without the need for programming. Find out more here.
Price Paid
TOPdesk version TOPdesk 8 and up
Hosting availability SaaS, Continuous deployment, On-premises
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements Payment plan at SignRequest required.


Update 13-12-2019: A version for Change Management is also available!

The SignRequest integration lets you sign documents such as NDAs, loan agreements, and work orders directly from the Incident Management / Change Management module.

How does it work? You initiate a sign request from the Self-Service Portal and/or the Operator Section. After the document is signed or declined, the document is attached to the incident card as a PDF and the status will be changed accordingly.

Benefits of  the SignRequest integration

  • The signed document is automatically attached to the corresponding incident card
  • Significantly reduce time spent printing, signing and scanning documents
  • Work towards a paperless office


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