Custom forms – SSP solution

Solution created by TOPdesk

Creating SSP forms with more complex or dynamic fields is now possible.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements TOPdesk module Self-Service Portal

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The custom forms solution enables you to use complex/extend forms in the SSP of TOPdesk as an addition to the current SSP forms. These forms are based on the same principals as the open forms (Open forms / QR solution). Custom forms allow for example dynamic drop-down lists like branch or persons, calculations within forms, more complex dependencies and more.

How does this work?
These forms can be implemented in the SSP of TOPdesk. The user opens the form and answers the questions. These answers are sent to TOPdesk by creating an incident containing the information of the form via the TOPdesk API.

In below matrix you can see the differences between Custom Authenticated (SSP) forms and the native TOPdesk SSP forms.

* cards that can be created by API (
** these have to be configured by a TOPdesk Technical Consultant

If you want to use custom forms in within your own website, please see Custom forms – Open forms / QR code solution