Ligo IVR (URA) integration with TOPdesk

Solution created by Ligo Cloud

Identify your callers, open and consult incidents withot coding.

Price Free
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional
Additional requirements Code7 Cognitive IVR subscription
Available languages Portuguese
Region availability Brazil


Integrate Ligo with your TOPdesk environment.

Ligo IVR (URA) has a native integration with TOPdesk, which allows integrations to be configured without coding (low code).

It is possible to validate whether the caller is active in TOPdesk, create incidents already categorized and directed to the correct group of operators, in addition to the possibility of consulting these incidents.


  • Service efficiency: An URA (Audible Response Unit) integrated with service desk software allows customers to be served quickly and efficiently. They can resolve their queries or problems without having to wait for a customer service agent.
  • Effective triage: The URA can be programmed to direct calls to the right department or person, saving time and avoiding frustration for the customer.
  • Better management and reporting: With the integration of URA with TOPdesk, it is possible to generate detailed reports on customer service, providing valuable insights to further improve the service.

Pricing details:


This solutions has no additional costs for all customers who already have an active Ligo IVR subscription.

For more information, use the “Contact us” button or ask TOPdesk sales department for help.