CaptureTech WebManager TOPdesk interface

By CaptureTech

Connect your TOPdesk to CaptureTech’s WebManager in order to achieve effective Key and Asset Management.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Optional


Make your Key & Asset Management more secure, more efficient and more reliable

  1. Do you manage and issue / collect keys & assets manually?
  2. Do you have a paper driven administration?
  3. Do you lose keys and assets?

CaptureTech enables you to manage your keys and assets more efficiently, more secure and more reliable. The CapLocker or KeyConductor, in combination with our CaptureTech WebManager software, provides you a full audit trail of your keys and assets such as  laptops or other valuables


  • Effective Key & Asset Management: Automate issue and collection
  • Track & Trace: Full Audit Trail Who, what, when and status of the product, which also means less damage and fewer losses
  • 100% Secure Access: Gain access through pincode, biometrics, QR or an employee badge
  • Save time: No more repetitive and time-consuming administration
  • API: Connect our system with your software of choice

Lower your operating costs by using CaptureTech’s solutions.