Beyond Eyes (connect building sensors)

By Beyond Eyes

Integrate TOPdesk with smart building sensors, clustered data and continuous monitoring from Beyond Eyes.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements Subscription and sensors Beyond Eyes
Available languages Dutch and English
Region availability The Netherlands


Beyond Eyes is a combination of smart sensors, clustered data and continuous monitoring. Together with advice from our experts, this contributes to a better environment. An environment where everyone wants to stay and work. Because that is what we do: Building happy people.

Our wireless plug & play sensors continuously analyze the situation in buildings. They measure the occupation, utilization and equipment of various types of spaces like meeting rooms and toilets real-time and completely anonymously. Temperature, CO₂ content, light intensity, air quality and energy consumption are also measured. This data is combined with the expertise of our specialists, after which possible optimizations are mapped out in a clear dashboard. In this way, technology and expertise come together in one platform.

Benefits of Beyond Eyes

  • More insight into your building
    Beyond Eyes measures the use of, for instance, workplaces, meeting rooms and toilets real-time and anonymously. Our monthly reports will provide you with a detailed insight into how the building is used.
  • Easy to start
    Beyond Eyes functions independently from the existing IT-network. Wireless data communication runs via its own LoRa Network and is not connected to a company network or WIFI. The system is installed within one day.
  • Grows in tandem with your building
    Beyond Eyes can easily be expanded. Both in volume (number of sensors) and in applications (new functionalities).
  • Save housing costs
    Smart facility management will ultimately result in a cost saving. 500 workplaces could result up to 20% cost saving.
  • Comprehensive solution
    Personal attention is needed in order to have Beyond Eyes work in the best possible way.
    That is why, we will provide you with a regular contact who will guide you during the implementation, management and analysis of Beyond Eyes.
  • Integration with TOPdesk
    Beyond Eyes can be integrated with TOPdesk. We exchange bookings and notifications.
    The notifications can be made in Beyond Eyes and managed in TOPdesk.

What it’s all about