ANSUR Integration

Solution created by TOPdesk

Integrate ANSUR testing in the TOPdesk process.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises on Virtual Appliance
Consultancy Required
Additional requirements ANSUR
TOPdesk or unknown
TOPdesk or unknown


ANSUR helps Medical technicians to test medical equipment, making sure that the equipment is safe to use and is maintained according the regulations.
The ANSUR link is a TOPdesk / ANSUR integration solution that automates the testing process of medical equipment and avoids typing over information from TOPdesk into ANSUR.
Our plug and play solution makes the test process as efficient as possible and prevents human errors.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Avoid typing over data from TOPdesk into ANSUR
  • Avoid typing errors
  • Quicker testing process
  • Standardized test protocol supported by TOPdesk