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Our Digital Service Desk Employee, a highly intelligent virtual chatbot, powered by the Cognitive Agent Amelia, frees up IT Service Desk staff so they can focus on more complex and value add activities. Our solution increases services, increases availability 24/7, frees up human capital through automation, increases efficiency and reduces response times and resolution times. On top of this, the use of our solution provides new insights into the Customer journey and boosts your Customer Experience (CX)

This is your opportunity to introduce the power of an AI driven Chatbot in your organisation, with minimal upfront investments to enable this capability. Amelia (Chatbot) comes pre-integrated with the TOPdesk ITSM platform and pre-trained for TOPdesk Ticket Management, automation of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Account Management and is offered to you as a service (SaaS), for a monthly fee.

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Together with TOPdesk and IPsoft we have developed Amelia, the Digital Service Desk Employee (Virtual Chatbot). This solution is offered as a service (SaaS) and based on IPsoft’s Amelia, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that interacts with humans via Conversational AI, automates and takes over routine work by quickly handling customer questions and requests. Amelia is more than a regular chatbot and currently ‘the most human artificial intelligence available’ and offered as an integration with TOPdesk’s ITSM software.

The virtual chatbot integration Amelia is currently taken into production by a select group of international TOPdesk customers from different sectors, before this solution will be generally available via its General Release in 2020. We strongly believe that to accelerate adoption and applicability of AI in general and bring it to the next level, local and national governments, knowledge and research institutions and companies will have to closely work together by connecting and bringing together people, technologies and experiences.


Together with IPsoft and TOPdesk we spoke to many companies to understand where and how AI would benefit their Service Desk. We learned the immediate impact on the work and volumes handled by the (IT) Service Desk are considered important. Based on this feedback we determined the initial functionality of our first release of the Digital Service Desk Employee (virtual chatbot) integrated with TOPdesk:

  • TOPdesk Ticket Management
  • Intelligent FAQ
  • MS Active Directory Account Management

The virtual agent Amelia is self-learning, available 24 hours and 7 days a week and understands and communicates with customers in their natural language through a chat conversation. Our Digital Service Desk Employee helps customers faster and more efficiently due to the comprehension of language through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), intent recognition, linking the intent to learned processes and clearly asking questions to better understand what your customers really mean, not just what they say. This Digital Service Desk employee enriches the Customer Experience by registering and monitoring every conversation while continuously improving its communication skills based on customer interactions.

Reasons to consider an intelligent virtual chatbot

  1. Continually improving the quality of services;
  2. Free up staff for different and more complex work;
  3. Increase the opening hours of your Service Desk;
  4. Resolve the shortage of qualified staff on the Service Desk;
  5. General cost savings;
  6. Increase the satisfaction of Service Desk employees

This agent works together with her Human Service Desk colleagues and handles simple and even complex customer interactions, is always available via chat, can sense emotions and is fluent in many different languages. In case she cannot directly solve an issue, she can hand over to an informed service desk agent if needed. Empower your service desk agents to focus on their expertise and work on the more complex problems.

Benefits of the solution

  • Reduce the workload on your human agents, increase satisfaction so they can focus on more complex problems while developing new projects.
  • Increase customer experience and customer satisfaction by boosting first contact resolution (FCR) resulting in lower inflow to second line support​;
  • This intelligent virtual chatbot helps customers faster and more efficiently. Every call handled by Amelia can be cheaper than similar calls managed by a human agent;
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), based on a monthly fee with minimum upfront investments for the customer;
  • 24×7 availability, without any sick days; avoid additional costs for outside office hours and provide the service coverage that your users expect​;
  • Web-Chat as a (new) communication channel for your users and customers;
  • End to end seamless API integration with TOPdesk (on-premise and cloud deployments);
  • Comprehension of many languages and offering international coverage.

Description of functionality

Our Digital Service Desk Employee –that remains evolving in releases towards more skills and channels of course- communicates via a conversational web chat interface and provides the following functionality:

TOPdesk Ticket Management

Allows for natural ticket interaction, taking away significant volume from the Service Desk and allowing users to converse in natural language and have a ‘ticketless service experience’. Ticket Management is our virtual agent’s basic and core functionality, providing users to directly communicate with Amelia about the status of new and ongoing service tickets in TOPdesk, completely automated, without any human intervention.

This functionality delivers immediate value through handling the significant volumes associated with these requests which will be handled by the Digital Service Desk Employee and will no longer require the time and attention of her human colleagues.

Intelligent FAQ

This feature allows for automating the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), fully integrated with the Ticket Management functionality.

This intelligent FAQ feature is ideal to provide support solutions for solving hardware / software / internet / WiFi problems for both internal and external users. Instead of calling the Service Desk, users can directly ask a question via chat interface while the virtual service agent asks clarifying and guiding questions and provides answers and solutions according to the same process that her human colleagues would do.

Furthermore, it is possible to train the chatbot manually and enrich the training with specific information in order to offer the best possible customer experience.

Account management

The account management feature allows for digitising the front-end conversation with a seamless backend execution for end-to-end fulfilment and resolution, fully integrated with the Ticket Management functionality and covers:

  • Active Directory based account management:
    • AD Password Reset
    • AD Account Unlock
    • AD Group Memberships
  • AD Regulated Application Memberships

This functionality delivers immediate value through handling the significant volumes associated with these types of requests which will be handled by the Digital Service Desk Employee (Chatbot) and will no longer require the time and attention of her human colleagues. At the same time this capability will demonstrate the value of conducting a human-like conversation along with seamlessly integrated backend execution (in this case with Microsoft Active Directory) to deliver a near instant result for the User.

Chatbot Integration

Our implementation team will work closely with you to ensure your results keep getting better. We are continually improving and developing our software based on your data, and your experiences, turning those data and experiences into new valuable features for future audiences and new releases.

Want to learn how you can benefit from our Digital Service Desk Employee? Contact us to learn more. is driven by Cloud technology and global change. With modern and affordable technology, we help companies with Digital Transformation and innovation. We have partnered with companies such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google and leverage their technologies for our customers to transform and use cloud-based IT solutions. Our customers therefore benefit from cost savings, more flexibility and a more predictable, sustainable and effective business model, without any big upfront investments.


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