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Alltrack is a unique open IoT (Internet of Things) platform which supports supply chain processes.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Required
Available languages Dutch
Region availability The Netherlands
KI 16151


AllTrack is an open logistic management system that streamlines the supply chain processes by providing clients with integrated hardware and software solutions. By combining different kinds of IoT technologies such as Barcode/RFID/NFC/Bluetooth etc into an easy to use platform and mobile application AllTrack enables the user to keep real time track of its assets, activities and performance. 

Our platform is modular built out of:

  • Asset Management Module. By using Alltrack our customers can see at a glimpse not only where their assets are but what is the current status, use cycle, planned actions, certifications etc. The configurable mobile application can support processes such as reserving, repairing, cleaning, maintenance and many more. The combination between the mobile application and Track and Trace hardware makes sure that the information over each asset is always accurate and real time.
  • Inventory Management Module. From keeping track of stock and min max triggers to cycle counting and automatic orders our inventory management module can be tailored to suit the needs of any company regardless of size.
  • Field Service Module. Our easy to use mobile application makes sure that repairmen, delivery people, plumbers and technicians always know what needs to be done when and where. With an intuitive UI the application supports custom task execution, manuals, photos and payments and more. 
  • Digital Forms Module. Our digital forms module allows customers to convert existing paper forms into easy to fill digital forms. With functionality such as digital signatures, photos and a wide array or customizable content the forms can be shown and filled in with ease and stored or even sent automatically to third parties. 

These modules have the ultimate goal:

  • Process optimization
  • Predict maintenance
  • Purchasing optimization
  • Remote management
  • Paperless working

Key platform characteristics:

  • Cloud based
  • Multi language
  • Available as Android and Web application 
  • Open API
  • Configurable

Benefits for TOPdesk customers

Being an open platform AllTrack seamlessly integrates with existing ERP’s, planning tools or service management software like TOPdesk. AllTrack can provide an extra layer of real time information to the ESM-environment.