AFAS integration

By Scope4mation

Automate your invoice process between TOPdesk and AFAS.

Price Paid
TOPdesk version TOPdesk 6 and up
Hosting availability SaaS, On-premises
Consultancy Required


Always wanted to automate your invoice process between TOPdesk and AFAS? For instance to charge spent time, the use of assets and/or resources and synchronize HR related information. With our AFAS Connector it’s easy to combine both worlds! The AFAS integration is part of our Data Manager platform. Big advantage is that once configured you can easily extend it with more scenarios.

Benefits of Scope4mation’s AFAS Connector:

  • Automatically transfer registered time of e.g. incidents, changes, activities in TOPdesk to AFAS
  • Automatically collect any required information from AFAS e.g. for reporting purposes
  • Eliminate most of your ‘operational’ overhead in automated processes
  • Get insight information about all the transactions moved across via our easy to access portal
  • Be able to make use of other AFAS connector transactions: Contacts and companies, Contracts, Projects, Resources (including files)

Because you will make use of our Data Manager platform, you will also have the following benefits:

  • Sharing data between and across different links
  • Get more in depth understanding of data process flows across your organization, improve the processes, have discussions based on (data/source) facts instead of assumptions!
  • Provide defined data sets with end users and make it easy to share this export data (via csv, pdf)
  • Get (link dependent) end users involved , easy share info about their link via a portal
  • Inform link dependent roles with valid information about a link
  • Audit and monitor what’s happening within the link (e.g. how many records are being processed, or who did run what?)
  • Get in depth logging to troubleshoot issues, also forward

Pricing model:

A subscription model which is licensed per connection source application and (first time only) a target TOPdesk connector. The complete Data Manager Platform usage is included in the connector price and free of use!

Our goal is to deliver added value for your current integration needs. Let’s keep that in mind for the complete picture and adjust the pricing model.

Additional information like customer experiences, more TOPdesk and/or other scenarios can be found on If you got any question(s) just push the chat button and we will try to answer it directly!


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