GoBright Room Management

Solution created by GoBright BV

With GoBright Room Booking in combination with Outlook a world op opportunities will open up for you. Search for a meeting room based on your preferences. Reserve catering, extra room services and invite & pre-register your attendees instantly, with your room booking.

Price Paid
Hosting availability SaaS
Consultancy Not required
Additional requirements TOPdesk Outlook Room Booker
Available languages English, Dutch, German, Danish and French
Region availability Global


At GoBright we create availability and support employees in new ways of working with GoBright Room Management. We give organisations the opportunity to develop new ways of working successfully and provide them with one user-, IT- and facility-friendly platform for their entire workplace management. It is our goal to help employees work smarter, faster and more efficiently and to make use of the building and workplaces in a smarter way.

You can use TOPdesk in combination with Outlook to book your meeting rooms. The GoBright Room Management integration synchronizes the automated reservations between Outlook and TOPdesk. Employees can easily book a room via Outlook and TOPdesk automatically receives the data from Outlook. Is the appointment cancelled or rescheduled? TOPdesk automatically signals that the room is free so other employees can use it.

GoBright Room Management Benefits

  • Search, find and book available meeting room within seconds.
  • Make a booking via GoBright App, Online Portal, Outlook, Mapping or directly at the room panel (on the wall).
  • Control A / V and other functions in your room, via Control.
  • Report malfunctions via Control.
  • Find your room or check the occupation status of the room with Wayfinding.
  • 100% reliable data analysis of your room occupancy. Manage your rooms efficiently and empower facility managers to make the right interpretations of the use of assets.

User pleasure

  • Say goodbye to double bookings, no-shows and interruptions during meetings. Say hi to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • No need to search the building for a suitable meeting room anymore.
  • Avoid double bookings and unnecessary empty meeting rooms.
  • In case of a no-show the room will automatically be freed up again.
  • Manage room occupancy and save time, money and space.
  • Insights into the most and least used rooms (also based on available facilities)

Technical information

  • Software is cloud based, but can also be installed on-premise
  • Integrations with TOPdesk, Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google and Active Directory
  • Wall and glass mountable
  • Display has PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Required: TOPdesk Outlook Room Booker

Discover the power of a collaboration between TOPdesk, Outlook and GoBright!